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Why choose a professional Celebrant for a funeral

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

By Tracey J Harvey Celebrant Maungatapere/Whangarei

Planning a funeral may seem difficult. Physically, emotionally, financially.

But take it slowly, step by step, then you will find that it will all come together.

Your first step is to choose your funeral directors and then to decide who you want to officiate your funeral.

You have choices.

-Your friend.

-A friend of a friend.

- An independent Celebrant.

Each of these has their merits.

-Your friend or friend of a friend may know the deceased quite well and you may be comfortable talking to them about your wishes.

-An independent Celebrant, chosen by you, will be able to bring experience, a knowledge of procedures and skills in ceremony writing and public speaking.

When you approach the task of choosing your celebrant start by looking for a local, close to you so that they can be available at short notice.

Ask them about their qualifications or experience. You could even ask to see an example of their past ceremonies.

Ultimately you are wanting to feel at ease in their company, to feel like they are listening and being present with you. Do they have the energy that suits the deceased and fits how you want the service to feel.

If you have some particular cultural ideals make sure that they are comfortable with these.

When you choose a professional independent Celebrant you are in good and safe hands. You will get integrity, loyalty and confidentiality. The right Celebrant will be your calm in a storm.

By; Tracey J Harvey Celebrant Maungatapere/Whangarei

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