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Personalised marriage ceremonies in Maungatapere and the surrounding areas.

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

One script will not serve them all.

By Tracey Harvey Celebrant - Maungatapere/Whangarei.

No two couples are the same so how can one ceremony script suit all?

When I got married way back in 1998 you could choose between a handful of scripts. None of them particularly reflected us.

We chose one and we did end up married so all was not lost.

When you meet your celebrant for the first time you should feel comfortable with them.

If you want a personal, moving ceremony you will need to be honest and share some personal stories so they can build an image of how the two of you came together and why you are choosing to get married. The more you both can share the more the ceremony will reflect you as a couple. Even the simplest ceremony deserves to be personal.

This is your day. It is about you two. Not your family or friends and certainly not your celebrants!

It's not always about words. Physical enactments are what both you and your guests will remember. There are some meaningful and magical enactments that are easily included in ceremonies and can be managed to include as many of your family and friends as you wish.

  • Handfasting.

  • Tree planting.

  • Candle lighting.

  • A love box.

  • The fisherman's knot.

  • Blended sand ceremony.

Missing family, blended family and present family and friends can all be included in some small way.

I would suggest that no more than one or two be used so that the meaning is not diluted.

Even the simplest ceremony can be crafted around an enactment without any drama.

The big question you have all been asking;

Do I have to write my own vows? Yes you do (ideally)! But don’t worry, a good celebrant will help you with that. It will not only be painless but ultimately very rewarding.

Good Luck for your big day.

Tracey J Harvey Celebrant Maungatapere/Whangarei

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